When the Apostles were commissioned by Jesus to go out into the world and make disciples of all nations, there was no hesitation, on their part, to begin fulfilling their mission. They began to go into the public squares and proclaim the resurrection of Jesus and the Kingdom of God to anyone that would listen. Over time, the Church’s methods of communicating the gospel to the world evolved and we can look back and be inspired by a rich history of art, design, music, and architecture, which were used by the church to package the message of God’s love for the world in terms that would most easily be synthesized by the public.

The Church innately understood that it wasn’t simply a matter of what you said, it was how you said it.

In the modern world, there are no longer public squares in which people will gather to exchange ideas the way they once did. Instead, the new public square is a new media landscape and it confronts the Church with incredible opportunities to reach people with the mission of the new evangelization in exciting ways. The Fisher’s Net Awards is a way to encourage and recognize churches, ministries, and apostolates who have drawn from the Church’s rich history of using art, design, and technology to reinvent the proclamation of the Gospel for a modern age in the new modern public square.

Who Started The Fisher’s Net Awards?

This awards imitative was started by the marketing and communications team at Holds Worth Design Inc. Holds Worth Design is composed of a team who is passionate about the Church’s ability to reach into our culture and revive it with faith, hope, and love. Modern culture is a new missionary field desperate for authenticity and without messengers, people will grab onto anything. It’s our hope that as we invade that sphere through effective communication, seekers will encounter Christ and lasting hope. 


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