Fisher’s Net Awards nominees are voted on by an expert panel of judges. After the public voting period ends, the judges are asked to pick the winner from the top performing entries in each category. Once the Judges’ votes are counted, a winner is picked and awarded. We’ve recruited judges who are experts in their respective fields in communications, ministry, and new media. 

Ryan Scheel is the founder of uCatholic (, an organization dedicated to using modern communication strategies for the Catholic Church. Additionally, he is the VP of Marketing at Fuzati ( one of the largest Catholic marketing agencies in the world. He is also co-host of the Catholic Talk Show (, a weekly web show and podcast.

Matthew Bodnarek is a video producer from Alberta, Canada. He has been the DOP on multiple documenatries, including the boxing feature "JELENA". He now works as the videographer for Grandin Media, a Catholic news/media website based in the Edmonton area. Follow Grandin Media's YouTube channel to stay up to date on his latest projects.

Brantly Millegan is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ChurchPOP, an online brand for Catholic culture in four languages and part of EWTN. He also is involved in the blockchain community. You can learn more about him at

Levi Breederland is a website developer and producer of new media of all shapes and sizes. He's crafted online presences for Catholic dioceses, nation-wide organizations, authors, and all sorts of other clients. When not building websites, he's helping produce podcasts, writing articles on a myriad of topics, teaching the basics of IT and website managment, and shooting photos on antique cameras. Find out more about him at

Fuelled by a love for beauty, Tianna began her career in graphic design at age 16 and has since found incredible joy in giving a face to many small businesses and Catholic ministries through unique and inspiring websites and print design. She resides in Edmonton, Alberta, where she hopes to continue this hidden apostolate of graphic design done well and done for the glory of God and the building of His kingdom. To view her portfolio and learn more about her work visit