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Rules for Nomination

Nominations for awards will only be considered if they fulfill the following criteria:

  • The nominees must accurately reflect the character and beliefs of the Catholic faith (within reason) as determined by the moderators of this website.
  • The nominees must exhibit exceptional use of new media and/or communication for the purpose of sharing, disseminating, and/or revealing the Catholic faith.
  • Nominees must demonstrate exceptional communication through the use of art and/or design and/or content creation/curation.
  • The administrators and moderators of this website are under no obligation to accept a nomination for inclusion into an award category.

Judging Process

Nominees that are approved for inclusion by administrators and moderators of this site will be published on the site in their respective category so that users can vote for their favourite. Once polls have closed (defined ahead of time), the top three nominees (by most number of votes) will be evaluated by a panel of judges and from that process a winner will be chosen.

There is also one category of distinction (Best Overall) from which the winners will be selected by the judging panel from the pool of nominees.

Award Winners

Award winners will not receive any financial or material reward for winning in their respective category. The awards are information only and for the purpose of promoting quality communication to a wider church audience.

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Changes to the Site

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