The Liturgy Guys is a weekly podcast discussing—you guessed it—the Catholic liturgy. And not in a stuffy, boring way either!


This winning peice of video production is a trailer for a film showing the lives of the outcasts of our society.

URL: ​…

Easily one of the most well-know guys on YouTube with a clerical collar (who's not Bishop Barron), Fr. Mike has a great persona in front of the camera, with a wide range of interesting topics.


A good mix of different types of blog posts (it's not all mommy-blog content!) and quality writing made author Haley Stewart the judges' favourite.


As Chesterton said, "The pint, the pipe, and the cross can all fit together in Catholicism", and these gentlemen know it!


Word on Fire's amazing collection of resources, combined with a modern, full-width design made it an easy pick!



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