Effective communication depends the packaging it’s presented in. Strong visual branding is the cornerstone of an organization's ability to make a solid and favourable impression on its audience. Here are some great examples of Catholics who have used this understanding to great effect. 

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URL: www.thecatholicwoman.co 

"We are on a mission to illustrate the many faces and vocations of women in the Church because we want millennial Catholic women to know that they are welcome, valued and known in the Catholic Church. We truly want each and every millennial woman to know that there is a place for her in the Church."

URL: www.teawithtolkien.com

"I'm Kaitlyn and I’m a Catholic convert, wife, mom, writer & creator, drinker of coffee and tea, and reader of Tolkien. I want this to be place where we can talk about how we can better ourselves and our own world by embracing the spirit of Middle-Earth and carrying it into our own lives - in the simplest ways."

URL: http://www.catholicengineers.org

The mission at Catholic Engineers is to promote the positive relationship between faith and reason, to educated lay and religious Catholics on topics related to science and religion, and to demonstrate the flaws of scientism.

"The Catholic Parish of the Holy Name is a Roman Catholic Parish of the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton. We joyfully profess our faith in Christ Jesus, and seek to worship Him with reverence and love."

URL: www.saintmichael.ca

St. Michael Catholic Community is a parish in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary, located in the southwest community of West Springs.